What a relief

I read in an article on The Write Practice website, a place that I find to be very helpful by the way, it’s not your job as a writer to write the perfect sentence quit trying to . There was something about this little sentence that somehow struck me deep inside.

For the longest time I thought everything in the page had to be perfect, afterall you call yourself a writer right?, and if you want to walk in the hallowed halls of writer- dom like the greats you have got be like them perfect. Perfect in every word, perfect in every aentence, every puctuation and comma because after you’re a writer right? So if it’s not perfect than it’s garbage

What this article went to talk about was this need for perfectionism in writing how everything has to be just right. This is what had caused a many a writers block for me and self doubt oh Lord the self doubt. It told I don’t have to be perfect. I can write terrible I can write stupid make up anything I want to.

Look I am a writer but I am not and I repeat am  not a walking dictionary I don’t know every word in the dictionary let alone always know the right word for the right occasion. I don’t need to be the voice for society that can’t express itself. I haven’t read all the classics that is required reading. I don’t go around quoting lines from famous poems and authors what a boring life that would be.

I give myself permission to write crap, champ trash and just plain stuff that don’t make a luck of sense. I give myself permission to not always rely on the muse to come whisper in my ear those perfect lines that make women want to love me crazy. Didn’t work in high school and hasn’t been so lucky for in me in my adult years.