How many more?


This wasn’t my son, but it could have been my child. I won’t go over how tragic the lost of this little boy’s life is because it’s evident. What has gone wrong¬† in our communities? Why is our children, whom we are building a future for or supposed to building a future for being lost in such senseless violence? Homes broken, fathers as well mothers absent.¬† I’ve no idea if that’s the case in this little boy, but someone lured this little boy into an alley and executed him in cold blood. Someone cut down a life that had a future. This little boy wasn’t my son but he could have been and I don’t even have children.

Tyshawn Lee and other children like him in the world will be in our minds for awhile we will mourn them, get angry and protest, but will it really make us rise and take back the street and neighborhoods of our city? Didn’t we learn our lesson from Sandy Brook elementary just three years ago?

As adults whether we have children or not do we take into consideration the world we’re making today , and how it will affects their tomorrow because it is their future when we are gone.. People the violence has to stop. Fathers you have to fathers to your children they look to you to be an example of strong leadership and provision. Mothers your children need your love , affection, nurturing and guidance  more than ever in times like these. Black communities your future is in your hands. You must become sick and tired of  being sick and tired of  being sick and tired times ten of your homes and places you live being overran with crime and drugs, and senseless acts of violence like this. Do you want to have more Tyshawn Lees?

The day Tyshawn Lee died  a future doctor who could have found the cure for cancers, a future political leader who could  have ushered  new laws to  make better the lives of not just a community but perhaps a state  or a nation,  a future lawyer who would champion the rights of those who can’t fight for themselves and so many other possibilities died with him how many more will join him so unwillingly?

So now where do we go from here?  Guns need to be brought off the streets and out of the hands of the people who’ve no business with them but we already know that. We already know what gun violence brings more violence more Tyshawn Lees and others like him. This wasn’t my son but it could have been. Our children the inheritance that we are leaving for the world is dying to know what will we do to keep them safe. God please wake us up to that fact