God isn’t a magician

Often times we pray God move through sweep this city with your spirit. We pray God bless the sick, touch the homeless, heal the land. While on the surface there is nothing wrong with these prayers, sometimes we tend to think that God will by osmosis just go poof instant healing of the land, instant healing of the brokenhearted, instant touching of the spirit to these people, but we tend to forget that God moves through us. When Jesus walked the earth he touched lives that he interacted with from the blind man to the women at the well, he moved with the purpose of God’s kingdom to the souls of the earth. Have we sometimes forgotten that Jesus is on the inside of us. Have we forgotten that the same kingdom purposes that Christ walked with on earth resides in us on the earth.

God is calling for the body of Christ to show his plans and purposes towards the world. We are called to engage Christ character to the world. Those homeless people, the outcast, the dregs of humanity, God wants to heal the land through us who are submitted to his purposes in the earth, and above all that is the love he has for mankind. The way that world can see Jesus is through us, through our acts of love, the lifestyle that we live when we talk to people and engage people. Jesus said we are the salt of the earth, but wrong attitudes and being clannish towards the outsiders can cause us to lose our flavor.

God could be asking us are you willing to be my eyes, ears and mouth in the earth. I have put my word in your heart and my spirit inside of you will you go to nations and show my truth, will you be a friend to friendless, were you willing to be my vessel, are we in response saying Lord hear am I send  me?



A writer of fiction as well poetry, screenplays (short ones and treatments for now), creative non fiction. I look to network and gain valuable knowledge concerning my experiences, musings and discoveries to share

2 thoughts on “God isn’t a magician

  1. Hi William,

    I am so glad you have joined my KWD family so we can
    share our writing journeys! I love this beautiful and
    uplifting post — I believe God does move through us.
    You are a gifted and inspiring writer!

    Write on,


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