Well what needs to change

What needs to change about how I approach writing? As much as I hate to do this I find that well I am actually going to have a schedule to make time to carve it out and plan to do it. While I don’t have a family or such to distract me from writing. I can’t write without structure any more. It actually had to fit into my daily regiment like going to work and exercising. Because if I don’t set some goals for myself then I’m just not to have another year of nothing really getting done and I don’t want 2015 to be another wasted year of not putting myself out there. The days of having a fantasy patron or a patron period is long gone, while it would be great to take six months off of paying bills rent and other responsibilities that’s just not going to  happen. So discipline here it comes. Also with these goals must come a plan. Take one project at a time and spend time with it. Structure what a word but what writer doesn’t have one. I wat to see my name on a book or a screenplay sold, and dreaming about it not going to get it done