A Letter

Dear William,

Hello remember us? Yes pen and paper. Remember how back in the day and it wasn’t too long ago mind you that we were all you needed to write. Remember how the most important thing as you, a notebook, and a pen?

All those songs you wrote, all those poems you wrote and somewhat plays bad as the dialogue was and it was bad dude believe me. With just us there was nothing that could stop you. You were so proud of having us and we were proud to be yours. You were just a writer with nothing but ideas for what seem to be for days and days and you were happy

Now here you are worrying about well I don’t have a laptop, I don’t have this kind of software, I don’t have that kind of software and everybody wants this and that. Now you’re stressing yourself going into coffee shops and places looking at people with all their latest gadgets and you feel inadequate are you for real right now?

We are here to remind you that if pen and paper was good for the masters of literature back then it’s good enough for you now. If we were good enough for you on this journey when you started we are still good enough for now, so would you please stop sweating the small stuff?

On another note despite technology and such you’ll be happy to know we’re nit going anywhere anytime soon


All you need


Writing is first and far most pen and paper. Sometimes I go in a coffee shop, and look at people with their laptops and tablets and I get self conscious about not having the things that I feel I need to be a writer or feel writer-ly

Then it came to me there is mobile device, no smart phone, or computer that makes you feel like a writer.  The three steps are simple

1. Get a pen

2. Get some paper

3. Sit in the chair and write

If pen and paper were good enough for the masters of the past it’s good for me.  As a writer you deal with enough insecurities and self doubt as it is, so you really don’t need to add anything else to it that’s for sure

So what was I getting so uptight about? If I’m honest well it was just another excuse for me not just declaring this is what I do and I just need to get it out there show the world what I can do. If I’m honest it was another excuse to mask the fear of the lack of confidence I was having in myself

If Shakespeare were sitting in front of me now he’d probably pop me upside the head, hold both pen and paper up to my face saying “kid you have all you need right here and  up here” he’d finish pointing at my forehead.

The Blank Speaks

Jaded to the blank page

Jaded to find the words

Blank  page saying… I’m just that

A blank page

Why are you mad at me for?  you’re the one that’s afraid let out you’re real feelings down. I never asked to compare yourself to the geniuses  or now if there is such a thing

I’m  … just… a blank…. page.  The words are in your head, the feelings are in your head


so do something

light a candle

say a prayeR

Scream, yell, jazz the moon

because when it’s all said and done, I’m still going to be here

saying the same thing, it’s  up to you, it’s on you to make something out of me… so pull it out

What a relief

I read in an article on The Write Practice website, a place that I find to be very helpful by the way, it’s not your job as a writer to write the perfect sentence quit trying to . There was something about this little sentence that somehow struck me deep inside.

For the longest time I thought everything in the page had to be perfect, afterall you call yourself a writer right?, and if you want to walk in the hallowed halls of writer- dom like the greats you have got be like them perfect. Perfect in every word, perfect in every aentence, every puctuation and comma because after you’re a writer right? So if it’s not perfect than it’s garbage

What this article went to talk about was this need for perfectionism in writing how everything has to be just right. This is what had caused a many a writers block for me and self doubt oh Lord the self doubt. It told I don’t have to be perfect. I can write terrible I can write stupid make up anything I want to.

Look I am a writer but I am not and I repeat am  not a walking dictionary I don’t know every word in the dictionary let alone always know the right word for the right occasion. I don’t need to be the voice for society that can’t express itself. I haven’t read all the classics that is required reading. I don’t go around quoting lines from famous poems and authors what a boring life that would be.

I give myself permission to write crap, champ trash and just plain stuff that don’t make a luck of sense. I give myself permission to not always rely on the muse to come whisper in my ear those perfect lines that make women want to love me crazy. Didn’t work in high school and hasn’t been so lucky for in me in my adult years.